The Awards Procedure

The African Tourism Awards are voted by the public and are awarded to luxury hotels or hospitality groups across 99 different categories, presented on a regional, continental, global and country basis, with one hotel receiving the overall global accolade.


There are various stages involved in finding the best travel company in india and rewarding them. Here are the general stages in order

  • Registration / Nomination by the companies
  • Company Eligibility Check
  • Verified by our internal team
  • Verified by the Jury members
  • Nomination Confirmation for Approved companies
  • Approved companies pay nominal marketing fee
  • Receives marketing materials
  • Nomination certificates are issued to companies
  • Voting Starts
  • Vote by Travel Trade members
  • Vote by Public
  • Voting Closes
  • Finalist Announced
  • Gala Ceremony
  • Networking Dinner
  • Awards Presentation
  • Certificates Presentations


Any company in Indian Tourism industry is eligible to nominate for India Tourism awards. All nominations are self-nominate basis.

Simply register online at Africantourismawards and our trained consultants will guide you from there.

marketing Material

After the successful registration and payment, You will be getting the following Marketing / promotional benefits.

  • Marketing Materials
  • Voting Buttons
  • Voting Banners in different Sizes
  • Nomination Certificate
  • Copy right usage of India Tourism Awards Logo
  • Company profile at India Tourism Awards Website
  • Voting Page for a company at India Tourism Awards
  • Winners logo for the winner after the Gala Ceremony
  • Winners Trophy & Certificate.


Once your nomination is approved by our team. You will be required to pay minimal marketing and copy right usage fees. Once you have paid the fee, You will be getting all the Marketing materials which help you to generate lot of votes and branding for your company.

Voting starts from 01-Aug-2019

Winning Levels

Participants compete on a region and pan-india basis. Only companies competing in the same categories compete against each other.

Regional levels are as follows

  • North India Region
  • South India Region
  • East India Region
  • West India Region

Judging criteria

At (India) Tourism Awards organised by JA Exhibitions, we evaluate company based on various judging criteria such as but not limited to service delivery, luxury and presentation.

The size of the company is not taken into consideration to determine eligibility. We encourage 1 member company to 1,000+ member companies to nominate.

Our Jury members select the winners based on the following judging criteria

  • Voting – Voting plays a vital role in the judging. 95% of our selection is based on the voting basis.
  • Service Quality of the company

Gala Awards Ceremony

Winners are determined at the end of the voting season, and interim results are then released to the respective companies / hotels. Participants will be invited to attend the Gala Awards Ceremony, where the official winners are announced, also revealing the category and region of the award achieved.

This event is the year’s highlight, with many new business opportunities forged from the meeting of hospitality affiliates and media partners around the world.

Grand Finale Gala Ceremony will happen in Mumbai during November 2018. Venue, Dates & time will be notified to the all the nominees.

Nomination Fee

Once your company nomination is approved by our internal team, You are required to pay the once-off annual registration fee. The fee differs for each category. The fee includes extensive global marketing and exposure throughout the year.

Nominate Your Company at African Tourism Awards